Install the icRouter VPN Client

Download and Install

Installing the icRouter VPN Client consists of two parts. First, the application must be downloaded and installed. Then, a configuration file must be downloaded and loaded into the app.

  1. Download the icRouter VPN Client installer for Windows or Mac
    • It is safe to run this anytime
    • If you get a message saying that the download was blocked because it could harm your computer…
      1. Hover over the message and click the 3 dots
      2. Click Keep
      3. You might also need to press Show More and Keep Anyway
    • If you get a Windows Protected your PC security warning window…
      1. Click More Info
      2. Click Run Anyway
  2. Run/Open the downloaded icRouter VPN Client
    • If you are asked if you would like to install this device software, you do
  3. Open the icRouter VPN Client app from the start menu (Launchpad on Mac)

Load Configuration File

Only perform the following steps if your username is NOT already loaded in the app.

  1. Open your downloads folder and delete any previously downloaded configuration files
    • They will have an ovpn extension
  2. Download your Configuration File
    • Most icRouter clients were given a custom “help” site that will have directions
  3. If it isn’t already, open the icRouter VPN Client from your Start Menu (Launchpad on Mac)
  4. Click “Load Configuration File” and browse to the Configuration File that was downloaded earlier
    • It should be in your Downloads folder
    • It will contain your username and have an ovpn extension

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